PODCAST: Why Is Water So Cheap? (Hint: It’s Not)

When you go to a faucet or a fountain to grab a drink of water, you probably don’t think about how that water got to the tap or how much it cost to get it there.

Rep. Paul Tonko (D-N.Y.) does. A lot.

He’s worried that without a big infusion of federal cash, our nation’s aging drinking water systems are going to start seeing some major problems. What kind of problems? Tonko says incidents like the ongoing contamination crisis in Flint, Mich., could become commonplace without a big change to the way we fund these types of infrastructure projects.

Tonko sat down with Parts Per Billion, our biweekly environmental policy podcast, for the first in a series of episodes we’re doing about how to find money for water infrastructure upgrades without sending taxes—or water bills—sky high.

Check back in a few weeks for another interview with Tonko’s Republican counterpart on the environment subcommittee, Rep. John Shimkus.

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