Faster, more effective court opinion research


Points of Law offers a more efficient way to conduct case law research.  Through the application of machine learning to Bloomberg Law's database of 13 million court opinions, Points of Law highlights language critical to the court's holding, links this language to governing statements of law and relevant on-point case law. 

Developed with input from practicing litigators, Points of Law helps you quickly find language critical to a court’s reasoning, even when buried deep in the text.  Bloomberg Law enables you to shorten research time by providing:

  • Easy access to a comprehensive database of 13 million court opinions updated daily.
  • Points of law as highlighted text within a court opinion and leading cases in support of those points. 
  • Seamless navigation from relevant, jurisdiction-specific points of law, related points and related cases from within an opinion. 
  • A Citation Map to view most cited cases, relationships among key cases, and changes over time for the point of law at issue.  

Bloomberg Law provides context – connecting keyword search results to governing statements of law – and unparalleled breadth of coverage, generating one million Points of Law from our state and federal court opinion database.

Points of Law, as with all enhancements to functionality and content on the integrated Bloomberg Law legal research and business intelligence platform, is available to current subscribers at no additional cost.

Request a free trial to Bloomberg Law today and enjoy faster, more efficient access to relevant on-point case law.