Points of Law

Points of Law offers a more efficient and effective way to conduct case law research. Through the application of machine learning to our database of 13 million court opinions, Points of Law highlights language critical to a court’s reasoning, allowing you to quickly find the best language to support legal arguments. You can also follow links to other relevant case law, the Citation Map, and Related Points of Law.


Court Opinion Search



Int'l Shoe Co. v. Washington, 326 U.S. 310, 66 S. Ct. 154, 90 L. Ed. 95 (1945)



  1. Pull up a court opinion from the Search Bar (e.g., Int’l Shoe Co. v. Washington)
  2. Click on the Points of Law icon on the right side of the page
  3. The default view shows Points of Law, but you can toggle them off if preferred
  4. Previous and Next buttons allow you to jump from one Point of Law to the next, selected item has darker highlighting
  5. Click on the highlighted text to open the Point of Law in a pop-up Citation Map
    1. The Point of Law is essentially a generalized statement of law.
    2. Top Cases are the three cases that are most cited for the Point of Law at issue.  You can open the case to see the specific context or you can click View This Point of Law to see the full list of cases discussing the instant Point.
    3. Access the Citation Map or Related Points of Law from the pop up as well.


Citation Map


Access the Citation Map from the pop up on a Point of Law or from the results page of a search to see your results list in an interactive timeline.  You’ll be able to quickly recognize the cases most cited for the instant Point, to differentiate between state and federal cases, and to see how a Point of Law has moved through the courts over time.


Related Points of Law


Access the Related Points of Law from a Point of Law or from the results page of a search. The Related Points of Law button generates a list of Points of Law that are frequently cited by courts who reference your instant Point. These Related Points of Law will ensure that you’ve fully explored an issue and will offer perspectives you might not have otherwise considered.


Points of Law Search



Option A

  1. Browse All Content
  2. Litigation & Dockets
  3. Points of Law Search


Option B

Within the Search Bar, type in: Points of Law Search


Search Example A

Keywords: preliminary injunction factors

Court: Illinois (District & State)


A results page for Points of Law will appear showing all relevant Points of Law based on search criteria. You will also be presented with a breakdown – showing you both the gross number and the percentage of cases that include a particular Point of Law in your chosen jurisdiction.


Search Example A Results


Search Example B

Keywords: preliminary injunction factors

Court: All


Click on a Point of Law to access a page with relevant case law, the Citation Map, and Related Points of Law. From this page, Court Opinions can be filtered by Jurisdiction, Federal Circuit, State, Court, and Date, if applicable. Court Opinions can also be sorted by Most Cited, Date, and Court. Additionally, options to Add Search to Dashboard, Add to Workspace, Print, or Save for Later are available.


Search Example B Results