Polis Unveils Amendment to Grandfather Some Tax Strategy Patents

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Rep. Polis introduces an amendment to House patent reform legislation (H.R. 1249) that would grandfather in more than 160 pending tax strategy patents that would otherwise be precluded under the measure. The amendment will be considered today by the House Rules Committee. The action is opposed by stakeholders, who argue that tax strategy patents are unfair to the tax system and that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office should not be allowed to issue any more of them. However, a Polis spokesman says the congressman views it as an issue of fairness to those who have already applied. The amendment is the latest development in the long-running effort in Congress to stop the patenting of tax strategies. The House measure currently contains language that would not only stop such patenting going forward, but would prevent about 162 pending tax patent applications from being approved.

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