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Provide expert guidance on state taxation with the expansive Premier State Tax Library. Offering the most practitioner-focused state tax analysis available, the Premier State Tax Library provides source material, time-saving comparison tools, and in-depth analysis across all tax types and detailed tax topics for all 50 states, D.C., and New York City.




Receive expert advice across a wide range of state tax topics with more than 70 Tax Management Portfolios™, with practical analysis for developing and implementing complex state tax strategies.

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Bloomberg BNA's convenient chart-building tools enable you to efficiently compare tax topics across multiple states and jurisdictions, getting you to the answers you need quickly.


Practice Tools
  • Corporate Income Tax Chart Builder
  • Estates, Gifts and Trusts Chart Builder
  • Excise Tax Chart Builder
  • Individual Income Tax Chart Builder
  • I.R.C. Conformity Chart Builder
  • Property Tax Chart Builder
  • Sales & Use Tax Chart Builder
  • Green Incentives Chart Builder (optional)
  • Sales & Use Tax Rate Finder
  • State Tables, Charts, and Lists
  • State Tax Client Letters
  • State Tax Forms
  • Working Papers (sample plans, documents, and more)
  • Sales & Use Tax Forms (optional)
  • State Tax Nexus Tools (optional)
Primary Sources
Laws & Regulations
  • State Tax Regulations (current & archive)
  • State Tax Statutes (current & archive)
Agency Documents
  • State Tax Rulings
  • State Tax Official Materials
Case Materials
  • State Tax Rulings and Official Material Cases
  • State Tax Lower Court Cases
  • State Tax Supreme Court Cases
News & Commentary
  • Daily Tax Report®  Highlights
  • Weekly State Tax Report
  • State Tax Developments Tracker
  • BNA Insights
  • Sales & Use Tax Monitor
Corporate Income Taxes
  • Income Taxes: Definition of a Unitary Business (Portfolio 1110)
  • Income Taxes: The Distinction Between Business and Nonbusiness Income (Portfolio 1140)
  • Income Taxes: Principles of Formulary Apportionment (Portfolio 1150)
  • Income Taxes: Special Problems in Formulary Apportionment (Portfolio 1180)
  • State Taxation of Corporate Income From Intangibles (Portfolio 1190)
Limitations On Authority To Tax
  • Federal Constitutional Limitations on State Taxation (Portfolio 1400)
  • Limitations on States' Jurisdiction to Impose Net Income Based Taxes (Portfolio 1410)
  • Jurisdictional Limitations: Attributional Nexus (Portfolio 1430)
  • State Taxation of American Indians, the Tribes, and Those Doing Business With Them: Sovereignty, Indian Commerce Clause, Treaties, and Statutes(Portfolio 1440)
Business Credits and Incentive
  • Credits and Incentives: Alabama Through Hawaii (Portfolio 1450) 
  • Credits and Incentives: Idaho Through Mississippi (Portfolio 1460) 
  • Credits and Incentives: Missouri Through Oklahoma (Portfolio 1470) 
  • Credits and Incentives: Oregon Through Wyoming (Portfolio 1480) 
Business Entities and Transactions
  • State Taxation of Pass–Through Entities: General Principles (Portfolio 1500)
  • State Taxation of S Corporations (Portfolio 1510)
  • State Tax Aspects of Bankruptcy (Portfolio 1540)
  • Choice of Entity: An Overview of Tax and Non-Tax Considerations (Portfolio 1550)
  • State Taxation of Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships (Portfolio 1560)
Other Taxes
  • Unclaimed Property (Portfolio 1600)
Procedure and Administration
  • State Tax Appeal Systems (Portfolio 1700)
  • State Tax Audit and Collection Procedures: General Principles (Portfolio 1720)
  • Managing State Tax Audits (Portfolio 1730)
Compensation and Benefits
  • State Taxation of Compensation and Benefits (Portfolio 1750)
Special industries
  • State Taxation of Service Providers (Portfolio 1820) 
  • State Taxation of Transportation, Telecommunications, and Energy Companies (Portfolio 1810)
  • State Taxation of Construction Contractors (Portfolio 1840) 
Specific States
  • New York State and City Corporation Income Taxes for Tax Years Before 2015 (Portfolio 2200)
  • Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (Portfolio 2260)
  • Business Operations in Puerto Rico (Portfolio 2650)
  • Business Operations in the Territories and Possessions of the United States (except Puerto Rico) (Portfolio 2660)


  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Individual Income Tax
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Excise Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Estates, Gifts & Trusts Tax


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