How to Prepare and Present a Labor Arbitration Case, Second Edition

This guide presents labor attorneys with winning strategies for engaging in grievance arbitration and outlines the step-by-step process of handling a case. It offers effective techniques for determining what needs to be proved, assembling the evidence, selecting the arbitrator, presenting the case in chief, dealing with objections, handling adverse witnesses, and drafting post-hearing briefs.

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Hands-on and practical, this is an essential guide to the key elements of successful labor arbitration.

Before the hearing, during the hearing, and following the hearing—the Second Edition of How to Prepare and Present a Labor Arbitration Case is an essential guide to achieving winning results in arbitration. The author, a former employee relations executive and labor attorney, emphasizes the practical—not just theoretical—elements of success in arbitration. Practitioners will proceed step-by-step through the process of handling a labor arbitration case and discover the most effective techniques for:

  • Determining what needs to be proven
  • Assembling the evidence
  • Selecting the arbitrator
  • Presenting the case in chief
  • Dealing with objections
  • Handling adverse witnesses
  • Drafting posthearing briefs, and more

The Second Edition provides comprehensive and useful coverage for practitioners with the inclusion of three new chapters. “Exploring Settlement” offers practical suggestions for settling cases prior to hearing; “Blueprint of a Grievance Arbitration” follows an actual arbitration case and includes sections of the transcript of the hearing, post-hearing briefs, and the arbitrator’s decision; and “Interest Arbitration and Other Arbitration Variants” reviews alternative forms of labor arbitration frequently used in public sector collective bargaining that require distinct approaches not found in grievance arbitration (including interest arbitration, med-arb, final offer selection, and fact finding.)

Detailed analysis and advice on formal arbitration procedures, plus sample statements and arguments, forms, checklists, a reading list, and more, will streamline case preparation.

Refer to How to Prepare and Present a Labor Arbitration Case, Second Edition to get a clear view of how to incorporate time-tested, winning tactics into overall case strategy.


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Charles S. Loughran is a labor arbitrator, mediator, and fact finder based in Oakland, CA.


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