Presidential Candidates’ Sites Get Poor Privacy Grades


According to Online Trust Alliance, websites for 17 of the top 23 declared Republican and Democratic presidential candidates—74 percent—received failing grades for privacy, security and consumer protection measures. “Some websites failed due to nonexistent or inadequate privacy policy disclosures,” it said, while others failed because they reserved the right to sell or share website visitors’ personally identifiable information. 

OTA recommended that voters review campaign sites for privacy policies before filling out an online form or making a donation. 

The six candidates that passed the evaluation were: Jeb Bush; Lincoln Chafee; Chris Christie; Martin O’Malley; Rick Santorum; and Scott Walker. 

There is, however, a purported presidential candidate who wasn’t among the 23 candidates evaluated: John D. McAfee of the newly-formed Cyber Party. Considering that he developed an eponymous program that became one of the most well-known anti-virus programs, it would be interesting to see how his website ranks in this list. 

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