Printing, Downloading and E-mailing Documents

Bloomberg Law print, download and e-mail options provide dynamic options according to each type of document. From a search results list, you can print individual documents or the entire results list. You can also add documents to Saved for Later.

How to Quick Print, Print/Download, or E-mail a Document

  1. The Quick Print, Print/Download and E-mail links are available in the same place for each document. You can also add documents to Saved for Later.
  2. Quick Print will take you directly to the print feature in your browser.
  3. To print or e-mail individual documents from a Results list, check the box or boxes to the left of the item(s) and click Print/Download or E-mail.
  4. When you click the E-mail link, the E-mail pop-up appears
  5. Your e-mail address is included automatically in the To field
  6. You can input additional e-mail addresses in the To field, separated by semi-colons. The Document Options tab provides the same options that appear when you choose to Print/Download the document.
  • When you choose to print, download or email court opinions, a pop-up box allows you to select dual column format, the BCite analysis or just the opinion text.
  • You can select which documents filed as part of multipart pleadings you would like to print, download and email.
  • When printing, downloading and emailing a specific EDGAR filing you can choose to export the forms, exhibits, or forms and exhibits. You can also choose which exhibits to print.