Printing, Downloading & E-mailing Results Lists

Bloomberg Law print, download and e-mail options provide dynamic options according to each type of document. From a Search Results List, you can print individual documents or the entire results list. You can also add documents to Queue.

  1. Run a search.
  2. From a search results list, you can either Print Selected Documents by using the checkboxes to indicate the documents you want or print the entire Results List.
  3. Click Print/Download or E-mail.
  4. The Print/Download popup will give you various content, page range and formatting options, while the E-mail popup will allow you to specify delivery details.
  5. The message appears "Your document …. is being processed and will be ready shortly on the Downloads page.” All printed, downloaded and e-mailed documents appear in the Download Center, which can be accessed directly by clicking on Downloads in the top menu.