Printing, Downloading & E-mailing Results Lists

Bloomberg Law print, download and e-mail options provide dynamic options according to each type of document. From a Search Results List, you can print individual documents or the entire results list. You can also add documents to Saved for Later.

  1. Run a search.
  2. From a search results list, you can selected documents to be printed by using the checkboxes or print the entire results list by selecting Results List in the Print/Download pop up menu.
    PDE Results Lists
  3. Click Print/Download or Email.
  4. The Print/Download popup will give you various content, page range and formatting options, while the Email popup will allow you to specify delivery details
  5. All printed, downloaded and e-mailed documents appear in the Download Center, which can be accessed directly by clicking on My Work History at the top of the page and then choosing View All.