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Sound like a winning political slogan? 2016 presidential contender John D. McAfee—who may be best known for developing the McAfee anti-virus program—hopes so.

Running with the newly formed Cyber Party, McAfee announced his candidacy for the presidency in September.

The eccentric entrepreneur is running an entirely electronic campaign for the nation’s highest office. And he’ serious about it.  So serious that, according to Forbes, he got a tattoo of the Liberty Bell surrounded by his campaign slogan.

“I am called `not serious’, yet I know of no-one who has lived a more serious life,” said McAfee on his website. The site touts the fact that he is running the “first purely electronic Presidential campaign” and says the candidate will hold “fireside chats”—`a la FDR--over the Internet. 

During his interview with Forbes, McAfee argued that the U.S. is in a cyber war with China—and has been “for more than five years.” Noting that the June 2015 attack against the Office of Personnel Management was ongoing for two years before it was even noticed, McAfee highlighted the importance of cybersecurity and the need for “massive change.”

In September, Online Trust Alliance audited websites for the top 23 declared Republican and Democratic presidential candidates and found that 74 percent of them received failing grades for privacy, security and consumer protection measures. Although McAfee wasn’t among the candidates who were evaluated, it would be interesting to see how his website ranks on that list. 

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