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E-Mail Highlights

Q: How can I register for the e-mail highlights included in myBloomberg BNA Library subscription?

A: Depending on which Library, or in some instances, which collections of a Bloomberg BNA Library, you subscribe to, you may be entitled to receive e-mail highlights or updates as a part of your subscription.

To register for the e-mails:

  • Access your Bloomberg BNA Library through the BNA website,, or from the bookmark on your web browser, if you have it marked as a favorite.
  • Enter your Library username and password.
  • From the main page of the Library, select “E-mail Highlights Sign-up” or “Sign-up for E-mail Updates”. This generally appears either on the left-hand side of the page and may be under “Getting Started” or on the right-hand side under the “News” section of the page.
  • Enter the user's email address and click submit.
  • Under “Manage Your BNA E-mail”:
    • Choose HTML or Plain Text format for the emails.
    • Select checkboxes next to the e-mails you wish to receive.
  • Select submit.

This completes the registration process for e-mail highlights. Close the window.

Business & Finance

Q: Our firm subscribes to the Daily Report for Executives and one of my colleagues mentioned a feature called “Hill Watch”. Can you tell me more about it?

A: “Hill Watch” is a chart published at key intervals while Congress is in session that provides the status of pending bills. The first column gives a synopsis of the purpose, content, and support for the leading legislative efforts on a given issue. The second column reports the procedural and political status of the bills. The third column outlines the procedural path ahead and the political prospects for enactment of the bills.

Q: Does Bloomberg BNA publish the White House Telephone Directory?

A: Yes. The most recent White House Phone directory was released in June 17, 2005 as a BNA Special Supplement to Daily Report for Executives. They are available for $35 plus shipping and handling and can be ordered by calling (800) 372-1033, option 5, then option 2, Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays, or you can e-mail your request to

Employment & Labor

Q: I am interested in following issues related to collective bargaining. I want viewpoint-neutral information that has the same value whether I work for a union local or in a corporate labor-management relations position. Does Bloomberg BNA provide a publication to meet my needs?

A: The Collective Bargaining Bulletin will provide you with this type of coverage. Each issue summarizes the top contract settlements since the last issue. Facts and figures in the service report on particular aspects of the information contained in Bloomberg BNA's collective bargaining database used to provide data published in the Collective Bargaining Negotiations and Contracts Manual. Contact your BNA Account Executive or call BNA's Customer Contact Center at (800) 371-1033, option 2, for details on subscribing.

Q: Who is responsible for writing the headnotes published in Bloomberg BNA's decisional services?

A: In-house Bloomberg BNA legal professionals bring their extensive experience and knowledge to the creation of our headnotes. The headnotes they write are extremely cogent and concise. Besides the ruling in the case, each headnote contains sufficient facts and legal reasoning for users to easily determine whether the case in question is on point, without having to read the full case. Headnotes state the rule, put it in a factual context, and relate the court's reasoning in so holding.

Q: How can I “Shepardize” a case using the Bloomberg BNA legal decisional services?

A: While Bloomberg BNA publishes all significant rulings in subject specific areas, it does not offer true “Shepardizing,” which is dependent on identifying decisions that follow, distinguish, or depart from prior case law. Bloomberg BNA does, however, provide links to other cases and documents that cite the cases published in our Libraries. And users can use these links to find cases that follow, distinguish, or depart from the case they’re looking at. To use this feature, simply click on the link Cases and/or documents citing this case located in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Q: My company just subscribed to the Benefits Practice Center library and my Bloomberg BNA Account Executive suggested we sign up for a complimentary training session. How do we sign up for the class?

A: If you are in the library, at the bottom left of the main menu, under “Getting Started”, there is a link for “Training and Support”. The link will take you to a page that will allow you to “Schedule a Guided Tutorial” which will be conducted by a Bloomberg BNA Training & Product Support Specialist. If you prefer, you can also call us to schedule an appointment (800) 372-1033, option 5, then option 2, Mon.-Fri. 8:00 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays or you can e-mail your request to

Environment Health & Safety

Q: Do you have a product that provides full text of the environmental and workplace safety laws and regulations covering a broad variety of countries?

A: BNA's Global EHS Library contains monitoring reports providing detailed summaries of laws and regulations for various countries. We provide links to those individual country websites that offer full text of the laws and regulations, but often this material is in the country's native language. The Library also includes detailed country profiles and news articles from BNA's International Environment Reporter.

Q: Is there a BNA product that will help us meet the notification requirements for Material Safety Data Sheets?

A: Bloomberg BNA has a series of MSDS management products to help you locate, maintain, and organize your Material Safety Data Sheets. These can be purchased as part of Bloomberg BNA's Safety Resource Center, a comprehensive workplace safety web reference library, or on a standalone basis.

Q: Does Bloomberg BNA publish the full text of the ANSI Standards?

A: We provide summaries of the standards. You can order full text of the standard for a fee, by calling (800) 372-1033, option 5, and then option 2, Mon-Fri, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.ET, excluding most federal holidays or you can email your request to:

Q: What is the “New” Library Update E-mail on the Environment & Safety Library and how is it different from the E-mail Highlights?

A: This e-mail provides updates to the collections you subscribe to, with links to the full text on the Library. You can customize your e-mails to include only what you would like to see and you can change this at any time. There is no extra cost for the e-mail updates and you can quickly and easily sign up for it by clicking on the “Library Update E-mail” link. The e-mail highlights you can also sign up for provide weekly summaries of recent developments in the topic areas of air, water, and waste.

Q: In the “State” section of the Environment & Safety Library, why isn't there a Safety listing for Illinois when there is one for other states?

A: To have a safety listing, the state must have an OSHA-approved plan. If there is not one, then the state follows the federal guidelines.

Q: I have a subscription to one of the monitoring reports that I receive via e-mail. I don't really need all states and all topics. What are my options?

A: You can customize the e-mail by state and by topic to receive only what you wish to see, by changing your profile via a link that appears at the bottom of each message. Your profile can be changed as often as you like.

Q: How do I know whether a particular revision has been incorporated into a regulation on the Environment & Safety Library?

A: Use the “Find Related Documents” feature, which is highlighted in green and located under the search bar in the top center of the web page on all federal and state laws and regulations web pages in the Library.Clicking on this link jumps you to a page listing all documents related to that law or regulation. You can then link to any of the listed items on the page to view the full text of the change. In this way, you can see the regulatory or statutory history. Any history you view through “Find Related Documents” that changes the language in the law or regulation has been incorporated into the Library. This feature is always on the same spot on the page, no matter whether users page up or down, scroll up or down, go to the previous page, or go to the next page.

Health Care

Q: I subscribe to the Health Care Fraud Report. I often find that I would like to obtain the full text of a legal document referenced. What are my options for doing this?

A: You may have noticed that often the full text is reproduced within a particular issue, or that a URL to the text is provided. A cumulative listing of recent primary sources appears under the heading “Available Documents”. You also can order documents on an ad hoc or subscription basis through Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center, at (800) 372-1033, option 5, then option 2, Mon-Fri, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.ET, excluding most federal holidays or you can email your request to:

Q: When I last inquired about Health Care Program Compliance Guide, it was available only in print. Is this still the case?

A: It is now also available on the web. Like its equivalent Health Care Program Compliance Guide, the Health Care Compliance Library on the web tracks changes in laws, regulations, and government guidance for each compliance risk area; summarizes important enforcement actions and the prescribed conduct; and offers practical tips and checklists. The web Library offers the same content and organization as the print guide plus wider access for multiple users, along with enhanced search capabilities, links to full-text documents, and each week's top news highlights from BNA's Health Care Fraud Report. Contact your Bloomberg BNA Account Executive or call BNA's Customer Contact Center at (800) 371-1033, option 2, Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays, for details on subscribing.

Human Resources/Payroll

Q: Our library has a number of navy blue binders labeled, “BNA Policy and Practice (BPP)”series. It does not appear to have been updated lately. Can I update or renew this series?

A: This series was discontinued at the end of 2003. However, the Human Resources Library on the web offers the same basic scope of coverage. Go to to sign up for a free trial. You also can contact your Bloomberg BNA Account Executive or call Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center at (800) 371-1033, option 2, for details.

Q: I have interactive forms as part of my subscription to one of the Bloomberg BNA tax products. Are these the same forms I have in the Bloomberg BNA payroll service?

A: The currency and functionality of the forms in both services are the same. However, the scope of coverage is different. Although there can be overlap in between payroll and tax, these forms are unique to each resource.

Q: Where can I find the job absence data on the Human Resources Library on the Web?

A: From the main page of the Library:

  • Select on “Bloomberg BNA Surveys and Reports” under “Quick Links” in the upper left hand corner.
  • Expand the heading for “Staffing” by clicking on the “+” sign next to the word.
  • Expand the heading for “Absence and Turnover” by clicking on the “+” sign next to the phrase.
  • Link to the appropriate survey.

Q: I subscribe to BNA's Payroll Library on the Web, how do I find out the taxable wage limit for unemployment insurance in a particular state?

A: From the main page of the Library:

  • Select the particular state of interest (or “all states” if you need to view them all) from the list of states in the “Quick State Search” on the left hand side of the main menu screen.
  • Enter the following search string: unemployment wages. Click the “Go” button beside the Quick State Search window.
  • Select on the link to the state “Unemployment Insurance” listed on the search results screen (e.g., “Alabama Unemployment Insurance”).
  • Select on the link to “Taxable Wages and Contribution Rates”.

Q: How can I find coverage in BNA's Human Resources Library on whether an employee is required to use accrued leave time when on FMLA leave? I would also like to read the actual regulatory language.

A: At the Library's main menu screen:

  • Select on the letter “F” under the heading “HR Topics by Alphabet” located in the bottom center of the screen.
  • Scroll down the list of topics and link to “Family and Medical Leave”.
  • Link to “Core BNA Discussion” under the heading “BNA Analysis”.
  • Link to “Notification Requirements and Leave Request Procedures”.
  • Scroll down to “661.20.40 Leave Substitution”.
  • For access to the specific language in the FMLA regulations addressing this topic, click on the link to 29 CFR 825.207 at the end of the first paragraph.

Q: I get the weekly print newsletter, Bulletin To Management as part of my subscription. However, I seem to be missing the quarterly supplements, the most notable being the Job Absence and Turnover Survey (JATS). Why is this?

A: This is a subscription issue, not a fulfillment problem. You can consider upgrading your subscription to include the quarterly supplements, or you can order the JATS separately for $35 each on a per-copy basis or as part of a standing order (same price). To upgrade your service, you can contact your Bloomberg BNA Account Executive or call Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center at (800) 371-1033, option 2, for details.

Q: A colleague has shown me a white paper or monograph from a series called Workforce Strategies. What is this series?

A: Workforce Strategies (WS) is a monthly special supplement to Human Resources Report and also available as a stand-alone subscription. Each issue of WS focuses on a specific topic along with an important analysis of critical factors and options to consider.

Q: Does BNA have information on how to create a legally appropriate job description?

A: BNA's Human Resources Library and Compensation and Benefits Library both have a feature you can use to create a comprehensive, legally appropriate job description. Simply Select “Custom Job Descriptions” under the Quick Links section of the main menu screen to use the powerful question and answer format to create a customized job description.


Q: Regarding the online US Law Week product, how quickly is the Supreme Court Today Database updated?

A: The database is updated as often as necessary during the day. For example, if at 10 a.m. today the Supreme Court decided two cases by published opinion, granted review in four more important cases, and denied review in 108 other cases on its appellate docket. All those details would be made available, including the text of opinions with our headnotes and attorney listings, in Supreme Court Today by noon Eastern Standard Time.

Occasionally the court issues orders in pending cases in the afternoon, instead of the usual 10 a.m. When that happens, we post that activity to Supreme Court Today as soon as we can get the order, always within an hour or so. One thing that we don't report on "within a few hours" is new filings. Our reports of new filings don't appear on the database until we've had time to review the petitions and summarize them. We get a daily delivery of new petitions from the court, and then start working up our summaries soon after that.

Q: What is the criterion for publishing a case in the Intellectual Property Library?

A: If the case advances or clarifies the law of intellectual property in some way, it will be considered for publication.

Q: How can I shepardize cases in the Bloomberg BNA decisional services on the web?

A: Bloomberg BNA publishes seminal decisions only, while true shepardizing depends on all cases. BNA does, however, provide links to cited cases and documents published in the library. This feature is found within every single case published on the Bloomberg BNA library. Simply click on the link “cases and/or documents citing this case” located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. For additional assistance in finding information in the product, please contact BNA Training & Product Support at (800) 372-1033, option 5, Mon. – Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays. A Training and Product Support specialist will be happy to assist you.

Tax & Accounting

Q: I subscribe to one of the CD Tax Products. I often read or hear about IRS documents released after I receive my CD. Then I have to wait another month before I can get text or a summary. Is there a way to get updates sooner?

A: You have a number of options. You may want to consider converting your CD subscription to a web subscription since the web products are updated more frequently than the monthly CDs. Or, you may want to enhance your CD subscriptions by adding a subscription to the Daily Tax Report, available through the web or in print, which reports on a daily basis key legislative, regulatory, and legal tax developments. Either of these options will help ensure you receive timely updates of changes. Contact your Bloomberg BNA Account Executive or call Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center at (800) 372-1033, option 2, for details.

Moreover, you can order individual documents on an ad hoc basis from Bloomberg BNA for a fee by calling the Customer Contact Center at (800) 372-1033, option 5, then option 2.

Hours of operation for Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center are Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays.

Q: I frequently see references to TaxCore in my print subscription to the Daily Tax Report. What is TaxCore?

A: TaxCore is an electronic database available through the web, of full text of primary source material discussed in the articles published in BNA's Daily Tax Report and Daily Report for ExecutivesTaxCore's coverage includes: congressional, court, international, and IRS documents. Also included is text of important state and local issues. The service is included with a subscription to the Daily Tax Report. For more information or for assistance logging on, please call Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center, at (800) 372-1033, option 1, Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays.

Q: Does Bloomberg BNA publish the Applicable Federal Rates released monthly by the IRS?

A: Yes. Several Bloomberg BNA publications include this information. This information will first appear in BNA's Daily Report for Executives or Daily Tax Report. They report on the monthly IRS Revenue Ruling establishing the various prescribed rates for federal income tax purposes before it is published in the Internal Revenue Bulletin. In addition, this information is published within the Table, Charts and Lists section on the BNA Tax and Accounting Center (both CD & Web) To subscribe to any of these publications, contact your Bloomberg BNA Account Executive, or call Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center, at (800) 372-1033, option 2, Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays. For assistance locating this information in your subscription, press option 5, then 2.

Q: Who writes the Bloomberg BNA Portfolios?

Bloomberg BNA Tax & Accounting brings together the insights and expertise of over 1,000 of the world's leading authorities to author the more than 400 portfolios in the complete tax and accounting collection. These experts include: IRS commissioners, tax practitioners from the foremost accounting firms, partners from the worlds most prestigious law firms, as well as leading educators in the field. To find out more about the author of a particular portfolio, go to the "Portfolio Description" located at the beginning of each portfolio.

Q: I already subscribe to the print Portfolios, why do I need the web?

A: The Portfolios on the web take the best tax and accounting resource available and makes them even better! With a simple click of your mouse, you can easily move from primary sources such as the IRS code and regulations to relevant coverage in a Portfolio. You have access to the resources you need in one place including full text of Federal Cases, IRS documents, news, and more, to make the Portfolios on the web an unparalleled one-stop tax resource. Sign up for a free trial today or contact your Bloomberg BNA Account Executive to find out about upgrading your Bloomberg BNA print subscription to the web. You also can call Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center at (800) 372-1033, option 2, Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays.

Q: I have seen/used the Federal Portfolios in the past, what does Bloomberg BNA have like this for issues of State Taxation?

A: Bloomberg BNA Tax & Accounting offers a portfolios series called the State Tax Portfolios Library. It provides topic-driven guidance on related state tax issues, along with analysis and insight of leading state and local tax authorities. The series includes approximately 70 portfolios that examine topics of state taxation focusing on complex income tax, sales and use tax and property tax issues. This series is a perfect complement to the federal portfolios. For more details or to sign up for a free trial, go to: or you also can call Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center at (800) 372-1033, option 2, Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays.

Q: What is the difference between BNA's Daily Tax Report and the Tax Management Weekly Report?

A: The Daily Tax Report tells you what happened, and the Weekly Report tells you what it means. The Daily Tax Report is a news publication that brings you timely coverage of developing Federal, State and International tax issues, and offers a first look at new primary sources. The Weekly Report (and the Weekly State Tax Report) filter through hundreds of developments, telling you what is most important, what it means and where to find more detailed analysis in the Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios. For more details or to sign up for a free trial, go to: or you also can call Bloomberg BNA's Customer Contact Center at (800) 372-1033, option 2, Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, excluding most federal holidays.