Prosecuting and Defending Health Care Fraud Cases, Third Edition

This treatise provides transactional lawyers and litigators with full coverage of health care fraud, including the applicable law and the federal criminal process for health care fraud cases. It covers referral restrictions and false claims, transparency requirements for drug and device companies, rules on exclusions and penalties, major fraud settlements, and much more.


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A DEFINITIVE GUIDE to investigations and prosecutions in health care fraud cases 

The Third Edition includes: 

  • Analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Escobar on implied false certification theory and the materiality standard for False Claims Act litigation
  • A thorough review of the current state of balance between the laws and regulations regarding off-label promotion and the right to free speech set forth in the First Amendment 
  • A comprehensive examination of virtually every anti-kickback OIG Advisory Opinion issued since 1997, including new opinions on patient assistance programs (PAP) and other topics
  • Updated cumulative tables of health care fraud settlements exceeding $1 million, including more than 30 settlements of $100 million or more since 2010, as well as analysis of the frequency of settlements overall and in particular industry segments, by year
  • The addition of "substantial financial hardship" language to the Sentencing Guideline enhancement for multiple victim or mass marketing offenses 
  • Discussion of Luis v. United States and the pretrial freezing of a defendant’s assets


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Michael K. Loucks is the former Acting U.S. Attorney and First Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts. He is now a litigation partner with Skadden Arps, LLP, Boston, MA. 


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