Protecting IoT, Addressing Human Error


Experian PLC recently published 12 tips for consumers and businesses to protect Internet-connected devices. It advised consumers to make sure that the products and services are from “reputable companies” with clear data-usage and privacy policies and to be aware that their data may be shared with third parties. For businesses, Experian suggested companies to use multi-factor authentication, increase information sharing, apply robust cybersecurity policies and treat “any collected data as highly sensitive information.” 

Even with robust cybersecurity policies, however, other challenges remain. According to a study by Ponemon Institute, which was sponsored by Experian, more than half of surveyed companies experienced data breaches caused by a “malicious or negligent employee.” The survey also found that 60 percent of companies believe that their employees aren’t knowledgeable about the company’s security risks.

Last October, T-Mobile USA announced that personal data of about 15 million consumers were compromised when attackers gained access to a database operated by Experian PLC. It seems like Experian has recovered from the data breach, and is now once again ready to provide cybersecurity tips.  

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