The Protesters Came With Oranges

Protesters came with baskets of oranges.


Two women interrupted Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt’s first speech to state environment agencies to protest a March decision not to ban the pesticide, chlorpyrifos. Exposure to that pesticide that has been linked to neurodevelopmental delays.

It isn’t unheard of for administration officials on both sides of the aisle to deal with occasional hecklers. But protests against Pruitt’s environmental stances, whether on Twitter by his own agency staff, in front of the EPA itself or somewhere else, hasn't stopped since his confirmation to the agency.

The EPA wasn't thrilled.

"While Administrator Pruitt was discussing ways to work with the states towards real solutions that would help grow jobs and protect the environment, these desperate activists attempted to hijack the event to advocate for bans that would kill American farms,” an EPA official said in an e-mail. “Disruptive voices cannot shout down the voice of the American farmer and the logic of sound science."

The protesters were escorted out of the event. No word yet on whether they consider their protest to be fruitful.