Putin Approves July Minimum Wage Increase

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By Molly Ward

June 2—Russian President Vladimir Putin signed June 2 a law to raise the federal monthly minimum wage to 7,500 rubles ($111.75) from 6,204 rubles ($92.44) effective July 1.

The national minimum wage in Russia is set at the federal level, applies uniformly in every area of the country and is statutorily linked to be not less than the cost of living for an able-bodied person, excluding bonuses and other non-wage remuneration. However, many local governments enact minimum wage rates that are significantly higher than the national rate. Moscow's monthly minimum wage, for example, is 17,300 rubles ($257.77) per month.

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Federal Law 164-FZ can be found in Russian at http://publication.pravo.gov.ru/Document/View/0001201606020022.

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