Question of the Day (May 18)


What measures do you have in place to secure payroll data from breaches and fraud?


  Khani2  “Boeing utilizes a secure work environment called SWE. You need permission to gain access with a user ID and password. Access is audited quarterly.”
--Loriann Khani, CPP, business analyst, Boeing Co.  


Timberlake1  “We have a strong security system in place utilizing such measures as file encryption, dual authentication with secure tokens, regular audits of systems access and password protections.”

--Deborah Ellis Timberlake, vice president of global payroll, Arrow  Electronics



Wiggins1  “In our payroll department we have three employees who check behind and audit each other. There is also limited access to our employee database.”

--Tabitha Wiggins, general accountant, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative


 Newcome1  “A ghost payroll audit is conducted each year in which a list of employees is sent to each location for verification.”

 --Wanda Newcome, payroll manager, HFF


Gibbs1  “Our payroll department uses secure email with a two-step confirmation process and file encryption. We also have internal access measures that include view-only and read-write permissions.”

-Felicia Gibbs, payroll manager, ADP Inc.  


 Fleming1  “We use role-based security which provides access rights by job function.  Our payroll department is located in a secure area that requires employees to badge in. External files cannot be downloaded,  and sending out files as attachments requires approval. We also conduct quarterly reviews on access and annual reviews of roles.” 

--Michael Fleming, CPP, senior payroll manager, Deloitte