Rams Move Back to L.A. But Find Web Addresses Already Occupied

Stan Kroenke

In November, we suggested that presidential candidates hadn’t been as savvy as big businesses when it came to registering relevant domain names.  As it turns out, maybe we were a little hard on the candidates—or assumed too much savviness on the business side.

Multi-billionaire developer and sports mogul Stan Kroenke, who is married to WalMart heir Ann Walton Kroenke, made headlines this week when the National Football League approved his plans to move the St. Louis Rams back to Los Angeles after a 21-year absence. Kroenke will pay a reported $550 million relocation fee and well over $1 billion to build the Rams a new, state-of-the-art stadium.

Excited fans might expect to follow updates about the team at losangelesrams.com but, instead, they’d learn that the page leads to parked advertisements. That’s because the domain name is owned by South Dakota used car dealer Brian Busch, who reportedly bought the name to create a tribute site to the team, which played in Los Angeles from 1946-1995.

Busch, who says he never got around to building that online shrine, says the name’s available—for the right price. Meanwhile, larams.com also leads to parked advertisements.

However, if Kroenke needs domain name suggestions, larams.gold, larams.fyi, larams.faith, larams.run and our favorite—larams.ninja—are all currently available, according to registrar Namecheap.

Meanwhile, GoPro communications director Lara M. Sasken has gained viral celebrity with the Rams’ move; she’s got the Twitter account @LaraMS and the Facebook vanity URL facebook.com/larams.

Busch and Sasken may end up being the latest beneficiaries ofothers’ failures to secure Internet real estate ahead of a major event, but they surely won’t be the last. If even the likes of Kroenke and Walton don’t always act quickly to secure their online location, others can be forgiven for doing likewise.