Bloomberg BNAs Guide to Recovering Overpayments - Second Edition

Use this guide to help your business set effective policies and procedures for minimizing overpayments and implement preventative measures. 


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Recovering wage overpayments can be a time-consuming and sometimes embarrassing process for payroll professionals. While employers seek to avoid these kinds of mistakes, overpayments are an inevitable part of doing business. When these mistakes happen, understanding your compliance obligations and responsibilities to your employees is critical. Are you equipped with an authoritative resource to guide you through all aspects of overpayment situations?

Bloomberg BNA is proud to release the second edition of Guide to Recovering Overpayments. This new edition enables you to find quick and easy answers to your toughest questions. Furthermore, the second edition provides you with critical updates reflecting changes in state laws and regulations which occurred since the first edition was published.

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Only Bloomberg BNA’s Guide to Recovering Overpayments provides you with easy-to-understand content intended to meet the needs of any employer. Within this guide, you’ll find sample policies, sample language, templates, checklists and sample forms to use in developing policies and procedures with your payroll department.

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