EHS Federal Regulatory Alert

Avoid the Noise

Streamline your work day by monitoring regulatory developments that are important to you and your clients. Bloomberg Environment's State, Federal, and Global Regulatory Alerts will keep you up to date with today's regulatory developments. Provide the advice your clients need and avoid the noise.

Bloomberg Environment offers:

State Alerts

State Regulatory Alerts

Customize your coverage and simplify your research to make well-informed decisions and plan the best strategies for your clients. Get alerts for regulatory activity concerning only those states and topics you want to read about. Daily email summaries are delivered right to your desktop, and link to relevant full-text documents on Bloomberg BNA's resource center. Keep pace with changes that can affect your client’s daily operations and long-range planning, even if you do business in several states.

Federal Alerts

Federal Regulatory Alerts

Spend fewer hours researching changes in the Federal Register. No other service is this comprehensive, with full daily summaries of federal regulatory activity. Easily track regulatory actions at every stage in the rulemaking process, from proposal to finalization to amendment. Reduce your workload and simplify your research.

Global Alerts

Global Regulatory Alerts

Manage risks and avoid liabilities by tracking the latest global regulatory requirements. Evaluate your client’s operations and activities accordingly and ensure cost-effective compliance and avoid penalties. Get previously hard-to-find information delivered directly to your email inbox weekly to ensure that your client is fully prepared for the next set of regulations, whether they’re issued by your continental neighbor or by a less familiar government on the other side of the globe.

Canadian Alerts

Canadian Regulatory Alerts

Help your clients stay on top of not only the U.S. regulatory environment, but their obligations under Canadian laws and regulations as well. Stay informed on the progress of proposed and final laws and regulations for Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial statements that impact their operations with this comprehensive weekly monitoring report.