Report on Salary Surveys™ February 2015


A monthly analysis of the major salary surveys released by compensation survey companies. The Report on Salary Surveys™ is part of Bloomberg BNA's Compensation & Benefits Library.   The February 2015 issue features: 

Surveys Find Demand, Pay Up For Call Center Professionals

Call centers are growing in size as organizations strive to improve customer engagement. One survey from Boston Retail Partners, the “2014 CRM/Unified Commerce Benchmark Survey,” found that 95 percent of companies indicate that customer experience and engagement was one of their top business initiatives. The survey, released in June 2014, is based on responses from vice presidents and directors of CRM and C-level executives at over 500 retail organizations.

Pay and Responsibilities Rise for Directors, Four Surveys Find

Compensation for directors rose in 2013, according to several studies. An analysis from Mercer found that total direct compensation rose by 5 percent, up from 3 percent for 2014. Another analysis from Towers Watson found that total pay for outside directors at the largest corporations grew by 6 percent in 2013. A third study from Steven Hall & Partners found that pay rose 5 percent from the prior year.

Whirlpool Uses Video, Blogs to Improve Performance Management

Whirlpool Corp. uses video interviews of management and posts key management tips on a blog to increase communication skills and improve the performance management process, according to Anthony Castelbuono, compensation manager, North America, Whirlpool Corp.

‘Middle-Skills' Jobs Most Difficult to Fill, Report Says

Unfilled “middle-skills” jobs—those that generally require more education or training than a high school diploma but less than a four-year college degree—threaten a company's ability to grow and compete globally, according to a report.

Companies Target Median Base Pay, WorldatWork Survey Finds

The majority of organizations target the market median for base pay, according to the WorldatWork survey, “Compensation Program and Practices.”

Surveys Illustrate Rising Salaries for Graphic Professionals

The job market for graphic design professionals is heating up, with salaries rising to match demand, according to several salary surveys.

Job Hoppers Get Bigger Raises, Search Firm Study Reports

Senior executives in the U.S. who changed jobs last year received compensation increases that topped 15 percent over their prior positions, reports executive search firm Salveson Stetson Group.

Hiring New Talent, Training Are Top Employer Priorities in 2015, Survey Says

Over half of executives at mid-market companies foresee investing in training and hiring in 2015, according to a survey by Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services.