Report on Salary Surveys™ March 2015


A monthly analysis of the major salary surveys released by compensation survey companies.  The Report on Salary Surveys™ is part of Bloomberg BNA's Compensation & Benefits Library.  

The March 2015 issue features:

Demand for Engineers Growing, Pushing Up Salaries, Surveys Find
The demand for engineers is growing rapidly as business trends have created a greater need for the position.

Surveys Find Companies Struggle to Find Critical Talent
Despite increased competition for talent, many companies overlook existing employees for potential development and forgo training for new hires, according to several surveys.

Consultants Advise a Coaching Culture to Improve Performance
Managers are the key to driving employee engagement; developing their coaching skills will go a long way toward improving engagement programs and organizational performance, Heather Backstrom, consultant at Heather Backstrom Consulting, told a February webinar sponsored by the Human Capital Institute.

Surveys Examine Outlook for Import/Export Professionals
A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast slower-than-average job growth in the import/export field in 2012, but this outlook appears to be changing as the economy has continued to improve, according to Laurel Delaney, president of, a consulting and marketing solutions company.

Surveys Report More Pay, Demand for IT Help Desk Professionals
The help desk, desktop support or service desk field is a growing one, with substantial demand for professionals who can handle the technical skills required for the job, according to two salary surveys.

EBRI Survey Reports Most Workers Satisfied But Want Change in Mix of Benefits and Wages
The majority of workers are satisfied with the health benefits they have, but nearly one-third are interested in changing the mix of benefits and wages they currently have through their employers, according to research from Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Rebounding Job Market Has Employees Looking for Better Opportunities, Study Says
With the economic upturn spurring employee optimism about the job market, half of workers have their eye on a better job opportunity and 45 percent would leave their current position for a new job, even if they are happy there, states the fifth annual Jobvite “Job Seeker Nation Study: Inside the Mind of the Modern Job Seeker.”

Research Shows Household Income Rose In 2014, But Not From Wage Increases
Household income continues on a slow rebound, up 3.3 percent from December 2013 to December 2014, the largest amount in nearly eight years, according to analysis from Sentier Research.