Report Writer Overview

Company Report Writer provides maximum flexibility to export data from Bloomberg Law’s extensive Company Profiles. Whether you are taking advantage of the Quick Report, are creating a Custom Report or are creating and saving Report Templates, Company Report Writer saves you time by permitting you instant access to company information and the ability to choose an output format – PDF or RTF/Doc - to fit your needs. After you generate a report, it is saved to Downloads under My Work History and remains there for seven days. 

How to Access the Company Report Writer

  1. Access Company Report Writer from the Search Bar, enter “Company Report” and select Company Report Writer from the auto-complete drop-down list. Alternatively, click the Browse All Content menu,  click Business Intelligence and select Company Report Writer.
  2. Enter the company name or ticker symbol in the Ticker field, and select from the auto-complete drop-down options list. Click Custom Report.

    Company Report Writer_1

  3.  Once the company displays, in the Report Content frame, select the information to be included. Many of the fields provide specific options to include/exclude.
    The Recent Litigation, Recent Filings and Company News fields also display options to BrowseIcon_Browse, and select specific content to be included. 

    Company Report Writer

    Note: You can run Reports from your Company Watchlist or directly from a Company Profile.

    Company Watchlist_Custom Report

    Company Page_Custom Report