Rifle Scope Seller Blames Google for Bankruptcy

rifle scope

A rifle scope seller says it had to file for bankruptcy after Alphabet Inc.’s Google allegedly suspended its advertising, blaming Google for the business failure.

Google discriminated against Tech Eyes Inc.’s business by suspending its advertising on the Google AdWords platform while permitting ads from its competitors, the company alleged in a complaint filed in the California Superior Court. 

Tech Eyes alleged Google suspended its advertising because it sold weapons.  After it removed all knives and crossbows from its site, Google demanded it stop selling telescopic rifle sights on its website, Tech Eyes alleged.

According to Tech Eyes, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and other competitors sold rifle scopes yet were still allowed to advertise their websites on Google’s platform. 

Tech Eyes said it removed the rifle scopes but subsequently suffered a blow to its business, because rifle scope sales made up 90 percent of the company’s annual gross revenue. It said it was forced to file for bankruptcy as a “direct, natural and proximate result” of Google’s alleged discrimination.

A Google spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.