Rise & Shine: Supreme Court Arguments are Early Business

5:11 am

It was 3:30 a.m. on a cool Monday morning in February, and I was getting up for work. “How did I get into this?” I asked myself.

I was pretty sure it was all Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Chris Walker’s fault.

Sure, I don’t know Professor Walker personally. But on a random Saturday in January he tweeted at me.

“Is 5AM early enough to get in line for #SCOTUS Friedrichs argument on Monday? Asking for student of mine,” Walker asked.

“I've never stood in the #SCOTUS lines *flips hair* so I can't be of help :),” I replied. My press pass gets me right into the building and into oral arguments.

But that dratted tweet got me thinking. Do you really have to show up at 5 a.m. for an argument at 10?

I recruited Fix the Court’s Gabe Roth to help me investigate.

Check out our 7 hour and 40 minute excursion to see two oral arguments.


Spoiler alert: Yes, you must get up before sunrise to see oral arguments. *yawns*

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