Roger Goodell is Dead … Not Really; Why the NFL Hired a Cybersecurity Company


Roger Goodell is dead … the NFL’s twitter account recently posted.

Many people were shocked by the news. However, there was one little problem: it wasn’t true and the account was hacked. The NFL hack was one in a recent string of Twitter account breaches that affected music icons Katy Perry and Aubrey Graham (better known as Drake). 

The NFL is also not new to the world of Twitter hacks and players have been subject to account intrusions. For example, Ole Miss alumnus and current Dolphins offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil saw his draft stock drop from potential #1 overall to middle first round selection because of an apparent hack that released a video of him smoking marijuana out of a gas mask. The drop in the draft cost him millions of dollars in guaranteed money. 

Because of the substantial reputational and actual monetary harm to both the league and the players, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has decided to hire cybersecurity company K2 Intelligence to help shore up Twitter accounts. K2 is tasked with educating players on basic Twitter account protection, as well as, providing social media guidelines. 

Tim Christine, NFLPA Security and Operations director, said that the league is “enthusiastic to make this state of the cybersecurity solution package available to NFLPA members and their families to stay secure and to help with problems as they occur.” 

While the K2 cybersecurity solution will help players from having their Twitter accounts hacked, it doesn’t stop players from smoking weed out of military grade gas masks. 

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