Russian Parliament Clears Right to Be Forgotten Bill

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By Sergei Blagov

July 8 — The upper house of the Russian Parliament, the Federation Council, July 8 voted to pass a bill that stipulates a right to be forgotten (Bill No. 804132-6), according to a statement by the council.

The measure now goes to President Vladimir Putin for consideration.

However, as of July 8, neither the Federation Council nor the lower chamber of Parliament, the State Duma, have voted on a separate measure (Bill No. 804140-6) that would set fines for noncompliant search engines.

Submitted to Parliament May 29, the bill would require search engine operators to remove website links if the information was inaccurate and unlawfully released. If search engine operators declined to remove the links, individuals would have a right to file lawsuits to contest these decisions.

Bill Amended 

The State Duma passed Bill No. 804132-6 in a first reading June 16, in a second reading June 30 and in a third reading July 3.

On June 30, the State Duma revised the bill to include 14 amendments. The bill no longer requires search engine operators to remove website links to personal information of individuals at their request if the information refers to events that took place three or more years before the release of the information.

If signed into law by the president, the new legislation is due to take effect Jan. 1, 2016.

Data Protection Decrees 

Also July 8, the Russian federal government issued Decrees No. 675 and No. 676 to set forth new data protection requirements.

Decree No. 675, which is dated July 6 but effective July 8, sets forth compliance audit procedures applicable to data protection matters.

Decree No. 676, which is dated July 6 and effective July 8, approved requirements applicable to the management of databases operated by government agencies.

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