Sanford H. Goldberg Esq.

Of Counsel
Of Counsel at the law firm of Roberts & Holland LLP, Sanford H. Goldberg, for more than 40 years, has been involved in every major area of international taxation from structuring mergers and acquisitions, to negotiating dispositions and planning cross-border transactions. He has worked with U.S. and foreign-based multinationals to resolve IRS controversies related to their domestic and international operations, including transfer pricing of goods, services, and intangibles. He is widely recognized for providing tax and estate planning to U.S. and non-U.S. individuals and families, working with multiple-country heirs and beneficiaries, dual wills, foreign trusts and other foreign entities. He has represented clients in executive compensation negotiations and functions regularly in the capacity of independent counsel to key officers in order to avoid a conflict of interest between general counsel and the corporation. He has been retained in takeover battles between major public companies to negotiate the employment contract of a new CEO. Past President of the USA branch of the International Fiscal Association and Vice President of its worldwide parent, he is also an elected member of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. He edits the International Tax sections of the Journal of Taxation and the Canadian Tax Journal. He has taught at the NYU Masters in Taxation Program, and is on advisory boards at Florida Law School and Fordham University. A Fellow of the American College of Tax Counsel, he is also named in The Best Lawyers in America.

J.D. from Columbia University
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania magna cum laude 

Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios:
(Commissioned) 764 T.M., Dividends - Cash and Property.: Employee Plans - Deductions, Contributions & Funding. (co-author)

Sanford H. Goldberg is a member of the Bloomberg BNA Tax Management U.S. Income Advisory Board.