Save a Search or Create an Alert

You can set Alerts to receive updates when new documents arrive that meet your search criteria. The difference between a saved search and an alert is that a saved search has an alert frequency set to None while an alert has a frequency that is set to, As Available, Hourly, Daily or Weekly.


How To Save a Docket Search and/or Create an Alert
  1. Craft and run your desired search.
  2. Click the Create Search Alert link.
  3. The Create Search Alert pop-up appears. Note: Docket Alerts contain options for Format, Sorts, Parties, and Share. 
  4. In the Title field, input the name for the Saved Search/Alert. This will be the subject line for any emails that are triggered by the alert.
  5. From the Frequency drop-down menu, select your desired frequency.
  6. (Optional) Enter desired Tags for organization and/or a Description of the search.
  7. Click Save. You receive an email when new documents are added to Bloomberg Law that meet your search criteria. The notifications are also stored in your Alerts Inbox. 
    *Note: If you want to set the Alert more quickly, the Create Search Alert button is also available on all search screens.