Saving a Search or Creating an Alert

You can set Alerts to receive updates when new documents arrive that meet your search criteria. The difference between a saved search and an alert is that a saved search has an alert frequency set to none while an alert has a frequency that is set to, as available, hourly, daily or weekly.

No matter what type of search you run, whether it is a docket search, an opinion search, news search or EDGAR search for example, you always have the option to save the search and set an alert.

How To Save a Search and/or Create an Alert
  1. Craft and run your desired search.
  2. Click the Create Search Alert link.
  3. The Create Search Alert pop-up appears. Note: Docket Alerts contain the additional options for Format, Sorts, Parties, and Share with
  4. In the Title field, input the name for the Saved Search/Alert. This will be the subject line for any e-mails that are triggered by the alert.
  5. From the Frequency drop-down menu, select your desired frequency.
  6. (Optional) Enter desired Tags for organization and/or a Description of the search.
  7. Click Save. You receive an e-mail when new documents are added to Bloomberg Law that meet your search criteria. The notifications are also stored in your Alerts Inbox. 
    *Note: If you want to set the Alert more quickly, the Create Search Alert button is also available on all search screens.