Save the Dates: Reports Due Under Trump’s Cybersecurity Order


The first deadline is fast approaching for a series of reports commissioned by President Donald Trump’s cybersecurity executive order aimed at protecting U.S. critical infrastructure systems and federal information technology networks from cyberattack risks.

The “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure” order, signed in May, directs federal agency heads to be responsible for cybersecurity management. It asks the secretaries of Commerce and Homeland Security to identify and promote action to increase internet resiliency, calls for an assessment of the cybersecurity workforce, and directs work with international allies to reach goals. Fifteen reports, with staggered deadlines, were commissioned in all.

By June 24, 2017, the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, and Homeland Security, in coordination with the attorney general and the FBI director, must report on their international cybersecurity priorities, including those concerning investigation, attribution, cybersecurity threat information sharing, response, capacity building, and cooperation. Those are due by June 25.

The secretary of state must follow up with a report documenting “an engagement strategy for international cooperation in cybersecurity” by Sept. 23.

Although Trump campaigned on upgrading the nation’s infrastructure—and recently promoted his $1 trillion infrastructure plan—the report on how to better support the “cybersecurity efforts of critical infrastructure entities” isn’t due until Nov. 7.

Other reports, due at various points over the summer, will address U.S. cybersecurity competitiveness, cybersecurity risk management, protecting executive branch enterprise, transitioning to a consolidated network, market transparency of cybersecurity risk management practices by critical infrastructure entities, electricity disruption incident responses capabilities, warfighting capabilities, deterrence options, and cybersecurity workforce support.

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