Custom Report Templates

Use report templates to create specific criteria that is saved and applied to future Custom Reports. Saved templates are found in the Report Templates panel of the Company Report Writer screen.

How to Create a Custom Report Template

To create a template, follow the instructions found in Creating a Custom Report but click the Save Template Icon_Save Template button. 

How Use a Custom Report Template
  1. Enter "Company Report" in the Search Bar and select Company Report Writer from the auto-complete drop-down list. Alternatively, open the Browse All ContentIcon_Browse All Content menu, select Business Intelligence and click Company Report Writer
  2. Select the name of a template from the Report Templates frame.


  3. In the Ticker field, enter a new ticker name or leave the original name to re-run the template for that company, the auto-complete functionality provides a list of companies to choose from.
  4. Click Generate Report.
  5. To view the report, click My Work History on the menu bar and click Downloads. The list of recent Downloads displays to the right of the Downloads button, click View All Downloads. On the Downloads screen click the title and view the Report.