Scott Pruitt Nomination for EPA Leader Triggers Concerns About Climate Change Future

Scott Pruitt

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt (R), a climate change skeptic, is the one President-elect Donald Trump has tapped to lead the EPA under his incoming administration. The announcement came Wednesday and has spurred a slew of stories questioning how a man at odds with an agency could lead it.  

Some reporters at Bloomberg BNA looked at the situation and what the future may hold for the nomination and beyond.   

Here’s what they dug up:

First, Pruitt is involved in several lawsuits against the EPA challenging the Clean Water Rule, Clean Power Plan and methane limits for the oil and natural gas industry. But that’s not expected to derail his ability to shape related regulations at the agency, according to Andrew Childers and Renee Schoof who talked to some former federal agency attorneys in their story EPA Foe Pruitt to Face No Conflicts Running Agency He Sued.

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Meanwhile, Democrats on Capitol Hill are gearing up for a fight to prevent Pruitt’s successful nomination to the post. But as the minority in both chambers, Democrats would need to really convince some Republicans to take their side in the vote. And that could be an uphill battle. Dean Scott, Rachel Leven, Brian Dabbs and Rebecca Kern looked into the situation in Democrats Target EPA Pick, May Find GOP Votes a Rare Commodity.

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Also, the choice of the EPA transition team Trump selected is raising questions about the future for climate scientists and their work.  

Childers wrote: The latest additions to Trump’s EPA transition team, announced late Dec. 5 after Trump met with Al Gore to discuss climate change, have a history of targeting individual climate scientists, using open records laws in an effort to discredit their work, according to environmental advocates who said the latest names offer further evidence the Obama administration’s greenhouse gas regulations are in jeopardy. Read his story at Trump’s EPA Team Has History of Targeting Climate Scientists.