Search & Browse Basics

How to Browse a Table of Contents

Bloomberg Law enables you to both search and browse a variety of content sets, both primary and secondary. Browsable  content is indicated in the source tree by + and - signs.

The following content sets are among those that are both browseable and searchable:

  • U.S. Constitution
  • U.S. Code
  • Code of Federal Regulations
  • U.S. Supreme Court Rules
  • Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
  • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Federal Rules of Evidence
  • Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual
  • BNA Manuals
  • BNA Portfolios
  • BNA Books & Treatises
Search Guidance & Search Operators

Bloomberg Law's Legal Search is powered by a full range of Boolean operators and connectors that allow you to construct search strings to locate documents of interest.

  • Keywords are automatically joined with an AND in searches without operators.
  • Misspelling and common errors like missing parentheses are corrected. (note: three characters or less in length will not be corrected for misspellings, and words in all capital letters will not be corrected.)
  • Unquoted keywords that are abbreviations or common agency acronyms are automatically expanded.
  • Legal searches on Bloomberg Law ignore common words, such as "of," be," "and," or "the." To search for a phrase containing such terms, place the phrase in quotation marks. 

Example: How to Search the U.S. Code Using the Table of Contents Browser
  • You can go straight to the U.S. Code from the Bloomberg Law menu by selecting Search & Browse, and clicking All Legal Content.
  • Navigate to and expand the U.S. Legislative section.
  • Click the Browse TOC button.
  • Click the + icon to expand any section and the - icon to collpase it again.
  • Add final bullets: "Note: A search button will appear when you mouse over a section title."
  • To get to U.S. Code from Search & Browse, click on All Legal Content or Legislative links. If you choose to type your search term on the Select Sources bar, an auto-complete feature predicts relevant searchs as you are typing.
  • To get to U.S Code TOC from Search & Browse, click on All Legal Content or Legislative, locate United States Code under U.S Legislative and click on Browse TOC.
  • The United State Code TOC appears as shown here. Click the + icon to expand the sections. By clicking on one or multiple check-boxes, you can Print/Download, Email, add to Workspace or add to Queue your document(s).