Searching with the Company Screener

The Bloomberg Law Company Screener allows you to search for companies based on specific criteria.  These include qualitative factors such as Country, Industry and Exchange, as well as quantitative/financial factors such as Market Cap, EBITDA and Debt Distribution.

How to Use the Company Screener

Company Screener can be accessed directly from the Search Bar, or from the Browse All Content Menu, under Business Intelligence.

  • The Location & Industry section allows you to specify Country of Domicile, State of Domicile and Industry. All the fields in this section feature the auto-complete functionality. To see all categories supported by a specific field, click Browse. This opens a category tree of options.
  • The Financial & Trading Information section allows you to specify trading status, exchange criteria, and financial criteria of the company you are looking for.
  • This section allows you to search for companies based on keywords that are contained in the company’s name and/or description.
  • The Company Debt Profile section, you can specify the debt distribution of the companies that interest you. For example, you can search for companies that have more than a certain amount of debt maturing within a specific period of time.