SEC Seeks Additional Comments on Reg S-K


SEC HQs 2As part of its continuing Disclosure Effectiveness Project, the SEC announced Aug. 25 that it is seeking comment on Subpart 400 of Regulation S-K.

While the release does not contain specific questions, the SEC is seeking general feedback on the following disclosure items: 

  • Item 401 – management

  • Item 402 – executive compensation

  • Item 403 – beneficial ownership

  • Item 404 – related-persons transactions

  • Item 405 – Section 16(a) filing deliquencies

  • Item 406 – code of ethics

  • Item 407 – governance disclosures

According to the release, “The input can include comments on existing requirements in these rules as well as on potential disclosure issues that commenters believe the rules should address.”

This release, of course, comes after the SEC’s 341-page April Concept Release, in which the agency asked for public comment on its company disclosure regime as a whole.  The comment period for the April release ended July 21.

Comments on this latest release are due 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.