September 2018


Global Patents Search
has been added to the Patents & Trade Secrets Practice Center, providing practitioners the critical information they need to understand the patent landscape across jurisdictions, and to advise clients seeking to build, protect, and monetize their intellectual property.  Comprehensive data sets include

  • Patent Families, Citations, and Similar Patents
  • U.S. Litigation in the Federal Courts and the ITC, and before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
  • Figures and Drawings, and Assignment History


Labor & Employment

A number of new practice tools have been added to the L&E Practical Guidance collection for use by employment law attorneys, in-house counsel, and HR practitioners, including:

Policy Acknowledgment and Acknowledgment of Receipt of Employee Handbook with related drafting checklist

Relocation Expenses Agreement with related drafting checklist

"Last Chance" Agreement (two versions)

Unpaid Internship Agreement and related overview concerning compensation

Consensual Relationship Agreement with related overview

Wage Deduction Authorization Agreement

Payroll Deduction Form

Overtime Request & Authorization Form

Litigation "Life Cycle" Guide for responding to a complaint under the Fair Labor Standards Act


Corporate Transactions


In collaboration with the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA), Bloomberg Law® has begun to publish certain of their materials concerning private fund investments from the perspective of a limited partner. The first eight of these are now live on the Step-by-Step: Private Equity Fund Formation page, including a sample subscription agreement and Excel templates.




New Corporate Governance Practical Guidance – Shareholder Matters – addresses a situation that companies of all sizes are now facing, that is, an activist investor, whether an individual or a group, who purchases a large number of shares in a public company, and/or who tries to obtain seats on the company's board, with the goal of effecting a major change within the organization. This new series of Practical Guidance documents allows counsel to assist clients in dealing with an activist investor. Overviews, checklists, comparison charts, and sample templates will aid practitioners in setting up a response plan, choosing a response team, and understanding an activist investor’s tactics.



In Focus: Right to Try

In Focus: Opioid Issues for Health Care Providers


There are two new In Focus pages on the Health Care Practice Center: Right to Try and Opioid Issues for Health Care Providers.


Right to Try: Since 2014, when Colorado passed the first bill allowing terminally ill patients to use experimental drugs not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration, 40 states have passed their own “Right to Try” bills. Following the states' lead, Congress passed the Trickett Wendler, Frank Mongiello, Jordan McLinn, and Matthew Bellina Right to Try Act of 2017. This In Focus page is designed to help health law attorneys navigate both federal and state legislation, track changes as they arise, and find additional guidance.


Opioid Issues for Health Care Providers: The ongoing crisis of opioid abuse in the United States has focused attention on the manufacturers and distributors of opioids, but many state and federal authorities are also looking to health care providers in an effort to curb the abuse. This In Focus page tracks state laws and regulations governing prescribing and dispensing opioids, and provides news, analysis, and updates on litigation.


In Focus: Deal Points


Bloomberg Law has just completed publication of a 21-part series, “Trends in M&A Provisions,” which examines trends in private company M&A deal points. Available on the In Focus: Deal Points page, the studies – co-authored by Dan Avery, Director at Goulston & Storrs PC, and several colleagues – provide deal lawyers with practical insights into how the M&A market is dealing with the most significant and nuanced drafting and negotiating issues. They also offer valuable insights into what’s market for private transactions attorneys.




A new 50-state chart builder, Investment Adviser Firm Registration & Reporting, is now available on the Securities Practice Center. The chart covers registration requirements for state-registered investment adviser firms, including applications and renewal requirements, bonding rules, record-keeping requirements, and termination provisions. The chart is available on the Securities Practice Center homepage from the Chart Builders & Quick Reference Guides drop-down and on the Chart Builders homepage.


A new Corporate Chart Builder – Business Entity Conversion and Domestication – compares the statutory provisions of each state and the District of Columbia relating to the conversion of a business entity from one form (such as a stock corporation) to another (for example, a limited liability company). In a conversion, all rights, liabilities, and assets of the converting entity (the stock corporation, in this example) transfer by operation of law to the converted entity (the limited liability company). Conversion is a one-step process by a single organization. It is simpler than a merger because only one set of owners needs to authorize the transaction and there is no change of control. The chart is available on the Chart Builders homepage and the Corporate Practice Center homepage from the Chart Builders and State Surveys drop-down.




Three white papers on cryptocurrency/blockchain have been added to the Financial Technology Practice Page and to the In Focus: Blockchain page.


Cryptocurrency & Blockchain: Discusses how legal and regulatory frameworks – federal, state, international – are responding to the emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain.


Financing Blockchain: Examines how projects using initial coin offerings (ICOs) must remain aware of and take into account the emerging responses of regulatory authorities in the U.S. and other countries.


What Not to Do: Lessons of Early ICO Enforcement & Litigation: Analyzes the regulatory actors and potential legal liabilities that should concern initial coin offering (ICO) issuers and their legal counsel. It includes coverage of regulatory enforcement actions and private litigation that have emerged since mid-2017 and analysis of the problems that ICO issuers will face going forward.




Bloomberg Law will launch four enhanced news products on September 24 for Securities, Mergers & Antitrust, Banking, and Corporate. Enhanced news products combine the editorial excellence of Law Reports with new features and functionality, including real-time news coverage, custom alerts to monitor developments, a better mobile experience, and more.


The enhanced news products, and corresponding Law Reports, that are included in the September rollout are:

  • Bloomberg Law Mergers & Antitrust Law News will include Antitrust & Trade Regulation Daily, Antitrust & Trade Regulation Report, and Mergers & Acquisitions Law Report

  • Bloomberg Law Banking Law News will include Banking Daily and Banking Report

  • Bloomberg Law Securities Law News will include Broker Dealer Compliance Report, Securities Law Daily, Securities Regulation & Law Report, and World Securities Law Report

  • Bloomberg Law Corporate News will include Corporate Law & Accountability Report and Corporate Counsel Weekly