September 2016

Enhanced Labor & Employment Practice Center

Bloomberg Law®Labor & Employment Practice Center has been enhanced so that users can more quickly and precisely target the most useful resources for their practice area. The Resources categories have been organized by topic and to prioritize key content, tools and other information.

Browse by Topic

Bloomberg Law’s Labor & Employment Practice Center now features eight new Browse by Topic pages. This organization allows users to easily navigate to a complete set of content, practice tools and other resources for a specific topic.

New Labor

State Laws, Regulations and Local Ordinances

This Resources category has been recast so that all state and local primary sources can be found in one place. The new State & Local Law Activity Heat Map can be found here to quickly get up to speed on the latest labor and employment state and local law developments across the United States. In addition, users can access and search Public Employee Relations Board Decisions from 27 states to monitor new precedents and see how state bargaining laws apply in the public sector. Finally, a new data set of municipal codes covering labor and employment issues has been added that is fully searchable and can be sorted by city. 


Labor & Employment Trackers

The Labor & Employment Practice Center now includes three trackers: the Labor Arbitration Awards TrackerSM; the Employment Discrimination Verdicts & Settlements TrackerSM; and the FLSA Litigation TrackerSM. These tools allow users to quickly filter relevant documents and are included within the Trackers & Practice Tools Resources section of the L&E Practice Center.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

A searchable collection of more than 4,000 Collective Bargaining Agreements from Bloomberg BNA have been added to the Agreements and Sample Policies section of the Labor & Employment Practice Center. Bloomberg Law now boasts the largest collection of collective bargaining agreements on one platform.

International Labor & Employment

A new International Labor & Employment Resources category has been added to the Labor & Employment Practice Center. New content and tools include BNA International Country Primers, the International HR Guide, International Strategic White Papers, International Labor & Employment Perspectives and the International Labor & Employment Chart Builder. This new content has expanded Bloomberg Law’s coverage of the Middle East and Africa and collectively provides guidance for more than 80 countries. 

State Securities “Blue Sky” Practice Page and Chart Builders Added

The Bloomberg Law Securities Practice Center now includes a new State Blue Sky Resources Practice Page, including 10 new Blue Sky Chart Builders as well as a full complement of state securities laws and regulations. The content is also available on Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions via the Laws and Regulations tile.

The chart builders provide details and source links on key Blue Sky registration requirements and exemptions across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The chart builders provide quick access to securities registration requirements and exemptions information—intelligence that is vital prior to making a securities offering in any state. The charts, linked to individually below, cover the following registration requirements or exemptions:

Proxy Season Analytics Added

The new Proxy Season Analytics page is now live on the Corporate Practice Center and the Securities Practice Center.  This page provides analysis of a number of data points related to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) shareholder proposal no-action letter relief process.  Through its no-action letter process, the SEC responds to requests from companies seeking to exclude shareholder resolutions from the materials companies send investors in advance of an annual meeting. 

The new analytics page features charts and data based on the 2016 proxy season, breaking down:

  • All of the shareholder proposal topics for which companies sought exclusion.
  • The top five shareholder proposal topics for which companies sought relief.
  • The top five companies to utilize the SEC’s no-action letter process.
  • The shareholder proponents with the most proposals subject to no-action letter request

These analytics can be used to help prepare for the 2017 proxy season.

Dockets Enhancements
  • Exporting Search Results – Search results can now be exported to a CSV spreadsheet with the data separated into columns such as URL, Court, judge, docket number, party, party role, etc.
  • Docket Administrator Enhancement – users of the Docket Administer functionality can now download all of the firm’s alert records into a single CSV spreadsheet.
  • Docket Entry Filters – Docket Entry Classification has been completed for the Northern District of Illinois and a docket entry type filter has been released for the court, allowing users to filter a docket by filing type such as complaint, order, motion brief, etc.
Docket Complaints

Complaints are now automatically collected and attached to dockets in the Superior Court of Fresno, California and in Cobb, County, Georgia.

Expansion of Smart Code℠ Functionality to Louisiana and Oklahoma Laws and Regulations

Bloomberg Law's Smart Code℠ functionality has been expanded to Louisiana and Oklahoma Laws and Regulations. Users can now pull up a Louisiana and Oklahoma statute or regulation and click on the Smart Code℠ tab located along the top of the page to quickly view extracts of court opinions discussing the provision they are researching.

The specific codes and regulations where Smart Code℠ has been added include:

FinTech Marketplace Lending Trackers & Analytics Added

The Banking & Finance Practice Center and Bloomberg Law: Banking now contain Marketplace Lending Trackers that capture all formal and informal guidance on marketplace lending issued by the federal agencies, Congress and state regulators, as well as key judicial decisions that impact the marketplace lending industry. The trackers provide direct links and summaries of the guidance, allow users to filter federal guidance by agency and type of guidance, and provide analytical data that displays trends in agency activity. While some existing regulatory regimes do apply to marketplace lenders, these regulations were set up before new financial technologies were developed and may not fit new lending structures as well as traditional lending structures.

To address this issue, several agencies are considering implementing marketplace lending specific regulations, so it is critical for marketplace lenders, as well as the lawyers representing such lenders and the banks that partner with them, to know the direction these agencies are heading. Bloomberg Law Banking’s Marketplace Lending Trackers keep users apprised of all federal agency, state, judicial and congressional guidance as it is issued.

New Portfolio on Commodities Industry Regulation

A new Securities Practice Portfolio title, Commodity Laws and Asset Managers (No. 261), has been published on Bloomberg Law. The portfolio details the regulatory regime applicable to commodity pool operators (CPOs), commodity trading advisors (CTAs) and their associated persons and principals. The Portfolio describes the registration requirements applicable to CPOs and CTAs, as well as the available exclusions and exemptions from these requirements. Included are step-by-step descriptions of the registration process and ongoing disclosure, recordkeeping and reporting requirements for CPOs and CTAs. The Portfolio also discusses Commodity Futures Trading Commission and National Futures Association (NFA) compliance rules and bylaws applicable to CPOs and CTAs, such as those involving prohibitions on doing business with non-members of NFA, advertising, audits, customer privacy, and business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The portfolio is authored by Rita M. Molesworth and Deborah A. Tuchman of Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP.

Bloomberg BNA Portfolios

The following portfolios are now available on Bloomberg Law:

  • 5185-1st: Financial Instruments: IFRS-9—Classification and Measurement
  • 5112-3rd: Accounting and Disclosure for Derivative Instruments (replaces 5112-2nd: Accounting and Disclosure for Derivative Instrument)
  • 56-4th: Antitrust Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions and
  • 64-3rd: The Massachusetts Corporation: Legal Aspects of Organization & Operation
  • 6840-1st: Reporting Requirements Under the Code for International Transactions and Foreign Assets
  • 5175-1st: VIE Consolidation Model: Identifying Primary Beneficiary; Reporting and Disclosure Rules
New Books

The following book from the ABA is now available on Bloomberg Law:


The following book from GTDT is now available on Bloomberg Law:


The following books from American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) are now available on Bloomberg Law:

The following books from Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) are now available on Bloomberg Law:

The following books from Practising Law Institute (PLI) are now available on Bloomberg Law:

New from BBNA Books

New Ninth Edition of How to Take a Case Before the NLRB is now available.

How to Take a Case Before the NLRB is the go-to reference for expert guidance on the Board’s complex procedures. The treatise is the most comprehensive analysis of NLRB procedures available, indispensable for attorneys representing employers and unions alike. Authored by specialists from the American Bar Association’s Section of Labor and Employment Law, How to Take a Case Before the NLRB provides coverage of procedures for obtaining injunctive relief, guidelines for mail-in ballots, prioritization of unfair labor practice cases and the time targets for their processing, procedures to expedite representation cases, rules on attorney misconduct, and rules on settlement judges and bench decisions in unfair labor practice cases.

Additional Law Reviews and Journals added to Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law has added the following law reviews and journals to its secondary source collection:

  • IDEA: The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center For Intellectual Property
  • North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology
  • University of Chicago Law Review
  • Columbia Law Review Online (CLR Online)
  • Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal
  • University of Miami Inter-American Law Review
  • University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review
  • University of Miami Law Review
  • University of Miami National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review
  • University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review 

This expansion of Bloomberg Law’s secondary legal offerings also adds well-regarded and prestigious legal scholarship content in the area of Intellectual Property. These law reviews and journals may be accessed via U.S. Secondary Sources Law Reviews & Journals or via the Law Reviews & Journals blade in relevant practice centers. Expect to see even more additions to our law review and journal collection this Fall!