The Severe Legal Ramifications of Not Tracking Employee Status Changes

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Meet The Speakers

William Hamilton
Executive Director, University of Florida Electronic Discovery Project
David Rohde
Senior Director, Epiq Systems
Mike Hamilton
Director, E-Discovery Programs, Exterro


This is a complimentary program sponsored by Exterro, developed in partnership with Epiq Systems.


Where’s Alex Smith?  Who’s Kristin Kolasinski?  Tracking and finding eDiscovery custodians can feel like you’re playing “Where’s Waldo.”  Ensuring data isn’t lost when someone leaves a department and new employees are always appropriately added to litigation holds can be a complicated and time intensive process.  In a recent Exterro poll, 51% of legal professionals stated that they are still formulating a process for tracking employee movements to ensure data on legal hold is not accidentally deleted.

Without the right process and policies in place, organizations risk spoliation of evidence and not complying with regulatory requirements.  Join us for this program to learn how to implement effective workflows and protocols to track employee data.

Educational Objectives: 
• Legal ramifications of deleting data because employees leave or change roles at an organization
• Workflows and protocols to prevent employee data from being deleted
• Additional benefits of tracking employee movements including adding new employees to an existing legal hold, suspending reminders for employees on leave and maintaining an update list of data source owners

Who would benefit most from attending this program?
Attorneys, legal operations managers, litigation support, paralegals, eDiscovery leads, IT analysts.

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William Hamilton, Executive Director, University of Florida Electronic Discovery Project

Mr. William Hamilton is the Executive Director of the University of Florida Electronic Discovery Project, and the co-author with The Honorable Ralph Artigliere of the LexisNexis Practice Guide eDiscovery and Evidence. Mr. Hamilton has taught electronic discovery at the University of Florida Levin College of Law for the past decade and is the former electronic discovery partner for his national law firms. Mr. Hamilton also serves as the Vice Chancellor of Bryan University where he oversees the University’s online paralegal and e-discovery AA and BS degrees. Mr. Hamilton is widely published and is a sought after speaker on electronic discovery and litigation.


David Rohde, Senior Director, Epiq Systems

Mr. David Rohde is a Senior Director, consulting services for Epiq Systems. He brings more than 15 years of experience as a courtroom litigator and legal technology project manager to his role at Epiq. He has implemented new technologies in support of complex litigation, designed and implemented case and matter management systems and document management systems, advised on email archiving initiatives, and implemented systems and processes supporting all aspects of litigation/discovery preparedness. Mr. Rohde holds the Information Governance Professional Certification and is an X1 Certified Social Examiner. He also holds a B.B.S. from Bryant University, a J.D. from Touro Law School and an L.L.M. from New York University School of Law.


Mike Hamilton, Director, E-Discovery Programs, Exterro

Mike Hamilton is the Director of E-Discovery Programs at Exterro and has been involved in e-discovery for over 5 years. With a legal and business background, Mike is experienced and passionate about creating thoughtful, out-of-the-box educational resources that help keep legal teams interested and on top of emerging need to know e-discovery issues. He frequently writes and speaks on information e-discovery best practices. Mike graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law.