Sharing a Workspace

You are able to share any Workspace you create with other Bloomberg Law users at your organization. You will not receive notifications for your own activity; you are also able to invite users when you first create your workspace or you can add them later. Invited members are restricted in that they cannot delete a resource. 
You can invite a user to share a Workspace when you create a new workspace, or at any time thereafter.

  1. To share a Workspace, click Workspaces from the top Bloomberg Law menu and then click View All.
  2. Select the Workspace you seek to share.
  3. Select the Settings tab.
  4. In the Invite New Member(s) field, input the user's name. The auto-complete functionality displays the name of the valid users. Only users with Bloomberg Law accounts at your organization are shown.
  5. Select a name from the list.
  6. The user's name appears below the Find field. *If you choose the wrong user accidentally, click the to remove the user from the invite
  7. .
  8. Repeat Step 4 to invite additional users.
  9. Click Invite. 
    * The List of Members table updates and includes the status of the invite.