Share a Workspace

Share any Workspace with other Bloomberg Law users at your organization. Invite users when you first create a Workspace, or you can invite/share the workspace them later. Invited members are restricted in that they cannot delete a resource, only view and comment. The Workspace creator receives notifications of any activity by the invited users, but not for his/her activity. 


You can invite a user to share a Workspace when you create a new workspace, or at any time thereafter.


How to Share a Workspace

From the Bloomberg Law menu bar click My Work History, and select Workspaces. The list of Workspace activity automatically displays with the Manage Your Workspaces link at the bottom of the list.  



* When you first view the Workspaces screen, a single default Workspace with your user name displays. 
* You cannot delete the default Workspace.

Select the Workspace you seek to share.




Select the Settings tab. Enter letters in the Invite New Member(s) text box and select from the auto-complete list displaying the names of valid users. Only users with Bloomberg Law accounts at your organization are displayed. Select the member and click Invite. Repeat for each additional users. 

* The List of Members table updates and includes the status of the invite.

* If you accidentally choose the wrong user, click the red X next to the users name to remove the user from the invite.



Invite New Members