Shopping in the Dark Web


Every month, many consumers pay $10 to $15 to subscribe to online streaming entertainment media services, such as Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu. However, according to a report by McAfee Labs, consumers can purchase lifetime subscriptions to many of these streaming services for a fraction of the price—sometimes for less than a dollar.

But there’s a catch.

What’s being offered are actually stolen online accounts being sold in dark web marketplaces. 

According to the report, these underground marketplaces have “almost every conceivable cybercrime product for sale or rent.” For example, payment card numbers with card verification values (CVV) cost $5 to $45.

More disturbingly, some marketplaces sell people’s stolen identities, the report said. Buyers are able to “choose individuals” by hacking their e-mail accounts—the first step in taking control of other aspects of their victims’ lives.

Dive deeper into the abyss of the dark web, and you can find even more illicit services for sale.

Instead of stolen identities, some websites offer outright fake ones. But that’s not all.

According to software security company Trend Micro, a fake U.S. citizenship was up for grabs for $5,900. Consumers can buy money-laundering services or leaked details on government and law enforcement officials.

There are even assassins-for-hire.

Gives online holiday shopping a whole new image. And not a good one.

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