The Show That Never Ends: 1.5 Million T-Mobile Customers’ Data Hacked


In the immortal words of Emerson, Lake & Palmer: “welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.” 

Data breaches, which seem to occur every day, don’t discriminate based on borders and impact almost every sector. So it isn’t surprising that another company has experienced a data breach. 

This time a rouge employee stole customer data at T-Mobile Czech Republic. According to a statement from the company, an employee “attempted to steal and subsequently sell customer data.” The company made sure to explain that the incident was limited to a single bad actor and wasn’t an indication of a wide-spread problem. 

The incident highlights what harm—both reputational and economic harm—a single hacker can do to a company. If a company loses data of 1.5 million customers, they may suffer loss of trust and loss of revenue from consumers deciding to not use their product. 

At the end of the day, companies need to make sure to lock down their networks from both internal and external threats. If an employee can steal 1.5 million records, a hacking consortium may do much more damage.  

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