Singapore Adopts Minimum Wage Increases Effective July 1

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By Anna Massoglia

Increases to Singapore’s minimum wage rates for industry sectors under its progressive wage model (PWM) recommended by the Singapore National Wages Council were adopted May 31 and are effective July 1, the Singapore government said in a news release.

Singapore’s PWM is mandatory for employees in the cleaning, security and landscape sectors who are Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents. Employers also are encouraged to comply with the council’s recommended wages for foreign cleaners, landscape workers, and security officers, the Singapore government said.Under the PWM minimum wage requirements effective July 1, increases for the monthly minimum wages for cleaners in the office and commercial industry and the food and beverage industry sectors are to be as follows:

  •  S$1,660 ($1,204.12), up from S$1,600 ($1,160.60) for supervisors;
  •  S$1,460 ($1,059.05), up from S$1,400 ($1,015.52) for multi-skilled cleaners and machine operators;
  •  S$1,260 ($913.97), up from S$1,200 ($870.45) for outdoor cleaners, healthcare cleaners, dishwashers, and refuse collectors;
  •  S$1,160 ($841.43), up from S$1,100 ($797.91) for table-top cleaners; and
  •  S$1,060 ($768.90), up from S$1,000 ($725.37) for indoor cleaners and other general office, commercial, or food and establishment cleaners.
Increases for the monthly minimum wages for the conservancy industry are to be as follows:
  •  S$1,760 ($1,276.66), up from S$1,700 ($1,233.14) to truck drivers;
  •  S$1,660 ($1,204.12), up from S$1,600 ($1,160.60) to conservancy industry supervisors and mechanical drivers;
  •  S$1,460 ($1,059.05), up from S$1,400 ($1,015.52) to multi-skilled cleaners and machine operators; and
  •  S$1,260 ($913.97), up from S$1,200 ($870.45) to general conservancy cleaners.
Landscape sector employers were required to fulfill PWM requirements for paying employees by June 30, 2016, and security sector employers were required to fulfill PWM requirements for paying employees effective Sept. 1, 2016.

The PWM wages required to be paid monthly to security sector employees are not to be adjusted July 1 and are to remain S$1,700 ($1,233.14) for senior security supervisors, S$1,500 ($1,088.06) for other security supervisors, S$1,300 ($942.99) for senior security officers, and S$1,100 ($797.91) for other security officers. Monthly minimum wages required to be paid by landscaping sector employers remain S$2,100 ($1,523.28) for landscape supervisors, S$1,700 ($1,233.14) for assistant landscape supervisors, S$1,500 ($1,088.06) for landscape technicians, and S$1,300 ($942.99) for other landscape workers.

Cleaning industry minimum wages are to increase again July 1, 2018, under the PWM.

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