Southeast Asian Nations Starting to Utilize Private and Public Sectors to Increase Cybersecurity Training



A couple of Southeast Asian countries have announced a number of cybersecurity initiatives in both the private and the public sector, as if to follow up on recent reports of Asia’s cybersecurity-unpreparedness.

A joint venture between Malaysian and Singaporean companies seeks to get in on the soon-to-be exploding cybersecurity industry, and may also be able to take advantage of the 10,000 cybersecurity professionals that Malaysia’s Science, Technology and Innovation ministry hopes to train over the next four years as part of Cyber Range Malaysia.

Cyber Range Malaysia is a virtual environment for cybersecurity technology and cyberwarfare training launched by the Science, Technology and Innovation ministry. The program was a public-private collaboration between Singapore’s information technology security agency, and CyberSecurity Malaysia. It will implement Malaysia’s new Certified Cyber Defender Associate educational program, aimed at training for a variety of cybersecurity professional jobs.

The Singapore government has also gotten in on cybersecurity-training action. The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the National University of Singapore have also launched the Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium with the aim of training cybersecurity professionals and raising awareness, building on the NRF’s $42 million investment into cybersecurity research and development.

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