Spill Reporting Procedures Guide, 2018 Edition

This guide offers facility managers, engineers, environmental compliance officers, and legal counsel information on how to respond quickly, report correctly, and stay compliant in the event of an accidental hazardous waste spill in air, land, or water.


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For full compliance with federal and state requirements—your essential guide to the control and treatment of accidental spills.

When there is a critical spill, there’s not a moment to spare—you must respond quickly and contact the right agencies and officials as required by law. Compliance officers and legal counsel have relied on the Spill Reporting Procedures Guide since 1984 for information on how to deal quickly and accurately with accidental releases of chemicals and contaminants into the environment—and how to comply fully with federal and state hazardous waste requirements.

The new 2018 Edition includes 

  • New reporting forms for Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming, as well as updated reporting forms, maps, and listings for 15 states, plus updated agency contacts throughout

  • New online reporting contacts for 2 states, along with changed online information for additional states

  • Revised federal requirements for pipeline incidents, and changes to reporting of other oil-related incidents in several states.

  • Revised items to report for hazardous substances discharges in several states, along with recodified federal rules for hazardous wastes incident reporting

Spill Reporting Procedures Guide is also available on the web! 

Spill Reporting Procedures Guide on the web adds versatility and multi-functionality, allowing multiple users simultaneous access to vital information. Internet links provide access to state and federal agencies, and internal links allow quick access to cross-references within the Guide. Clear language guidance on regulations enables you to see at a glance which agencies must be notified, how quickly they need to be alerted, and how they should be contacted. It also includes additional forms for reporting spills and discharges. Regular updates ensure that the Spill Reporting Procedures Guide on the web stays current.

New Feature — The Spill Reporting Procedures Chart Builder instantly creates a side-by-side comparison of reporting requirements for one or more pollutants across multiple jurisdictions. This feature allows quick comparison and contrast of federal and state requirements and potential liability in every jurisdiction.


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Jeffrey J. Kimmel is a Regulatory Analyst and Consultant based in Brookfield, VT, and former Senior Legal Writer with Bloomberg BNA’s Environment Reporter.



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