State Tax


As federal tax reform progresses, states will be left with many choices regarding whether to conform or decouple from the new code—or do a little of both. In particular, states are watching closely the House and Senate competing proposals on the federal deduction for state and local taxes paid—and many state leaders, especially from higher tax states, are pressing to preserve the deduction in some form. One of the buzziest issues among the states—how to tax online sales—hasn’t gained much traction with three bills pending in Congress, but the U.S. Supreme Court could weigh in on the issue with a case that was just appealed. And the new federal partnership audit regime is set to take effect January 2018, presenting thorny conformity issues that states and stakeholders are attempting to navigate.


Jennifer McLoughlin Piece in Accounting Today on Remote Sellers and Sales Tax

State Tax Law Editor Jennifer McLoughlin authored an Accounting Today article on remote sellers needing to brace for a surge of state sales tax reporting laws in 2017.