2018 Survey of State Tax Departments

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Now in its 18th year, Bloomberg Tax’s 2018 Survey of State Tax Departments clarifies each state’s position on the gray areas related to the income taxation of corporations and pass-through entities as well as sales and use taxation, with an emphasis on nexus policies.

New portions of the survey this year cover topics such as conformity to federal tax reform, general apportionment and sourcing rules, and nexus for pass-through entities. There were significant additions to the sales tax policy portion of the survey with the inclusion of new questions regarding economic nexus and notice and reporting requirements. The survey was also expanded in its coverage of nexus-creating activities. 

Some of the highlights in the 2018 Survey of State Tax Departments include:

  • Fourteen states indicated that their nexus standard is based on factor presence
  • Sixteen states responded that having at least one client in the state would create nexus
  • Seventeen states classify guaranteed payments for services, other than personal or professional services, as business income
  • Eleven states indicated that they require retailers to report sales made within the state

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