The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The IT Platform Edition

J and H

Utilizing different independent information technology platforms to meet specific corporate needs doesn’t seem like a bad idea. In fact it might be a great idea because it allows companies to leverage platforms to meet specialized needs. 

But throwing those unique platforms together might also bring to mind one of Robert Louis Stevenson’s creations—or is that two creations—Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Just when that helpful Dr. Jekyll guy from the IT department suggests another platform to add to the stew, somebody takes a byte and up pops that dreadful Mr. Hyde. You know, the bad IT tech platform guy with the compatibility issues who may bring serious data security weaknesses to the system.

Sungard AS, an information consulting company, has issued a survey report—“Jekyll & Hyde: The Split Personality of Hybrid IT”—that found companies like mixed IT  because it helps them improve business agility, give better customer service and increase the speed of product development. But 37 percent of those respondents admitted “they lack the security skills to effectively handle a hybrid IT set up.”

The report, which is based on a survey of over 500 company officials, of course notes that Sungard AS might be able to help raise the conscience of Mr. Hyde so that mixed bag of IT platforms ain’t so evil. 

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