System Breaches and Payroll

As processes have become more automated, critical financial data and systems are more exposed to compromise, including payroll. 

Payroll professionals and their information-technology brethren already work together in an attempt to stave off cyberattacks and other system breaches for their employers.  However, it is understood that a systems breach or data compromise will eventually occur, and payroll professionals need to plan for that. 

While payroll professionals are well-schooled in how to recover from the effects of hurricanes, floods, fires, power failures and other disasters, little has been taught about what to do with computer systems after a breach or other event compromises the integrity of pay systems.

This Bloomberg Law Payroll Strategic White Paper, “System Breaches and Payroll,”  describes to payroll professionals the different types of  breaches or data compromise, payroll’s role in incident response, and what circumstances can dictate when payroll can run again.

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