Talking About the News at the Newseum

Walking into a room of 51 high school students shouldn’t be intimidating, but with all their eyes on me and my fellow panelists, I started to get a bit nervous.

This past week, the Newseum hosted the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference, an opportunity for high school seniors to learn about journalism and the first amendment from the best in the news business.

I had previously spoken on a panel at the Newseum about how employers and universities could prepare their students to intern in a society that was having a larger discussion about sexual harassment, and they decided to ask me back to talk to these burgeoning young journalists about the same topic.

I went in, expecting to talk about concrete strategies to deal with sexual harassment, something that I haven’t experienced in my career, but something I know myself and many of my colleagues think about, especially with the reporting done on the topic in the last year. 

I left the Newseum having talked with the students about everything from how to get the most out of an internship to giving advice on how to deal with sources who don’t want to talk to you.

They were bright, insightful, and bolstered my faith in the next generation of journalists.

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Shira Stein at Newseum, June 19, 2018

Shira Stein on panel Newseum, June 19, 2018