Talking Tax - Episode 61 - Tax Cases at the Supreme Court

It's not every day the U.S. Supreme Court agrees to take on a tax case.

The Supreme Court on March 21 decided a major tax case dealing with the obstruction of an IRS investigation when it ruled in Marinello v. United States that the Internal Revenue Service can only convict a taxpayer on obstruction charges when it can prove the taxpayer was aware of a pending tax-related proceeding, such as an investigation or audit, or that the taxpayer could "reasonably foresee that such a proceeding would commence."

Another significant tax case, Wisconsin Central Ltd v. United States, currently being reviewed by the high court, involves the taxation of stock given to employees by a railroad company. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on April 16.

Bloomberg Tax's Carolina Vargas talked to practitioners to discuss the cases and their significance.