Know if cases are good law, develop stronger case arguments and avoid costly mistakes with BCiteSM. BCiteSM is an authoritative case citator that provides detailed analysis and updated information on tax cases, relevant court opinions, strength of authority and the judicial history of a case to ensure it remains good law.


Comprehensive Analysis

Access a complete range of authoritative analysis of both federal and state tax cases to see at a glance whether cases are still valid and to access related cases with similar facts or laws.

Direct History

Follow a case's judicial history from initial rulings through all appeals, with links to rulings and opinions to ensure you are not missing any pertinent information that could hurt your case.

Citing Case Analysis

Find additional authority to bolster your arguments with a complete list of decisions that cite a case, along with the nature and date of the citation and key information on the citing cases, such as whether they have been supersede

Table of Authorities

Access a concise list of cases that are cited within a given case and indicators of the relative strength of the authority.

Formats and Frequency

BCiteSM is available online as an add-on to other Bloomberg Tax services that include federal and/or state cases.